What To Expect

As a Life Coach, it’s my job to meet you exactly where you are in your journey to:

  • Provide a listening ear

  • Ask thought-provoking questions

  • Create a judgment-free environment

  • Support you as you uncover the answers to the important questions about you and your life

...answers that are already in you, but need awareness, time, and space to surface.

First Steps

  1. Take some time to be honest with yourself. Can you identify with any of these?: lack of passion for life; negative self-talk; stuck about what to do; stressed, depleted, and overwhelmed; feeling as if you have abandoned your dreams.

  2. If you connect with any of the above, please contact me for a no-cost, 20 minute call to answer any questions you may have about life coaching and to see if is is right for you.

  3. If it is, then we'll go over what it looks like to coordinate meetings that work for your schedule via phone, face to face, or video conferencing - as often or as seldom as you like.

  4. At the end of each meeting, I'll give you the option of some "life homework" to do, and you can decide how much effort you want to invest in your journey. It's as simple as that.

The Goal

My goal as a life coach is to help you "come home" to a life that feels authentic to you...the life you know you were meant to live!

My desire is that you will feel connected to yourself and the people you love, that your mind, heart, body, and soul are all in alignment.

And that you are able to handle life’s inevitable challenges without being derailed.