Stretch Your Mind. Heal Your Body. Open Your Heart.

As a Life Coach, my passion is to work with people who find themselves at a place of wanting to recalibrate their own life’s GPS.

They want to explore what is keeping them stuck in the same life patterns.  Or, they know what is keeping them from moving forward, but want some direction on how to remove these roadblocks.   

The temporary discomfort of personal growth doesn't concern them, because they are weary of the ongoing discomfort of living a default life.

They want to reconnect with themselves,
their life, and their dreams.

I am so grateful that I connected with Connie. Not only is she passionate about helping others, but she is absolutely masterful at asking questions that get to the heart of the matter.
— LB
Connie is leading me through a journey of self-discovery, and with her Life Coaching help and expertise, I’m designing a road map to a life of prosperity and joyfulness.
— MA
I was in a non-directional place in my life when a friend suggested I meet Connie. She has been the most inspiring, thought-provoking person that I have met in a long time.
— DB