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Personality Assessment


The Color Code Personality Assessment is the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy to use personality test available.

Unlike other personality tests, The Color Code not only identifies what you do but why you do it, allowing you to gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you tick.

Would you like to feel a deeper connection with your significant other?

Would you like some help understanding your children?

Would you like additional tools for more effectively communicating at work?


How can The Color Code help?

In Parenting:

It isn’t unusual to hear a parent say: “I raised my two children exactly the same, and they are nothing alike!” As you become more familiar with the Color Code, you will begin to see even more distinct attributes in your children. The Color Code will help you recognize the unique style of each of your children and provide you with insights on how to meet their individual needs.

In Dating:

By understanding how different types of people interact and affect each other, you can find your true love so much easier not only by knowing what you are looking for in a relationship but also how to connect when the opportunity is right.

With your Spouse or Significant Other:

Even the best of relationships require ongoing effort. The Color Code can help you learn to understand your “special someone” on a far deeper level as you learn about his/her emotional needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses, and communication preferences in a way that enhances the relationship for the rest of your lives.

At Work:

Did you know that up to 85% of all job loss in a healthy economy is due to relationship differences rather than work performance? Bottom line: relationships matter both personally and professionally.


Which Hue Are You?

The Basic Analysis is Free.  To find out your core personality color, take the basic assessment by clicking here.

The Full Analysis includes a customized report of how you scored in all four colors, training videos, bonus tools and more. To receive my trainer discount, click here  and enter the code: ConnieHaleySHARE at check out.

Please contact me if you have additional questions, or for pricing on corporate training and team building events.