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About Connie

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Life should be infused with fun.

We all deserve a life that we love – a life that reflects who we really are. Most of us, however, are reacting to whatever comes our way, instead of generating circumstances that will create the life we desire.  When we get clear on what we want, we become better decision makers.  If we are making decisions based on our values, are using our natural gifts and talents and injecting fun into our day, life will feel like a celebration.  Helping people navigate this path and rediscover their joy is what I love most about being a coach.

My story

My background, from a waitress in college, to a personal trainer, from a client services director in the corporate world, to a mother, has always focused on relationship building.  I love connecting with people.  Everyone has a unique story to tell, but we all share similar desires for love, acceptance, a sense of purpose and fun.

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught how to purposefully construct our lives to match our desires.  We let society, other people and life events dictate our choices.  We stay stuck and unfulfilled, just going through the motions, not truly living.  We wonder why life isn’t fun.

I know firsthand the results of living like this.  I watched the days turn into years.  Too busy “doing” instead of actually living.  It wasn’t until my adrenals shut down and I was forced to slow down that I stopped and connected with the life I desired.

The tools I learned through coaching literally transformed my thinking and my life.  The process took focus and massive action, but the results were worth the effort.  If I was able to reconstruct my life to one that allowed me to be myself with no apologies, so can you!

Don’t postpone your happiness, or wait until “someday” to claim the life you really want to live.  If you are ready to start living with purpose and create your ideal life, I would be honored to guide you on the path.

Here are some questions people often ask.

What, exactly, is life coaching?

It’s not therapy. It’s about having someone in your back pocket to help you uncover what you really, really want and then help you devise a plan to get there.

What is a coaching session like?

Coaching sessions are confidential conversations about the areas of your life that you want to change. Just having an accepting environment in which to express yourself will leave you feeling heard, understood and lighter in spirit. I have no idea what your ideal life looks like, but you do! My job is to listen, ask powerful questions and offer tools and techniques to help extract and clarify what you are envisioning. From there, I will help you create an action plan to make that ideal life a reality. 

How will it help me?

Coaching helps you gain clarity on who you really are and not who you think you should be or somebody else’s version of you. You will get crystal clear on who you really are, what you really want and why.

I have seen clients get clarity and insight just from expressing their concerns to someone else for the first time.  We all need a safe place to discuss our innermost thoughts. The clients that are willing to implement the tools and techniques that are offered become experts on their own lives and realize greater transformations. Your personal results will be in direct proportion to your efforts.

Why should I hire you?

Watching clients align their lives with their desires and get their joy back is why I love what I do!  Side Note: I infuse a huge dose of FUN into sessions.  Who said changing your life had to be boring?

I have trained with the best.  As in Martha Beck and Brooke Castillo. Both of these women are cornerstones in the coaching industry. I have used their techniques to transform my own life.  I have watched clients do the same.  I have confidence that you will achieve the same results if you are dedicated to the process.

What’s next?

I am not the right coach for everyone. We can assess our compatibility quickly in a no-obligation strategy session.  At the end of this 20 minute call, if we are not feeling a connection, I will happily refer you to a colleague that would better serve your needs. (Please note:  I only have select openings for one-on-one coaching sessions each quarter and reserve those spots for clients that have had this intro call with me).

To schedule, email me directly at conniejhaley @ or fill out the contact form below