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Happy People Mind Their Own Business

One of my favorite authors in the self-help genre is Byron Katie. She suggests that there are only three kinds of business in the universe: ours, other people’s and God’s. She further proposes that the majority of our stress, and the ensuing unhappiness, comes from dabbling in anything outside of our own business.

If we are worried about something that no person has control over – something happening to our loved ones, natural disasters, or when we are going to die, we are in God’s business. When we start judging and thinking we know what other people should be doing, we are in their business.
God can handle His own business. No explanation needed on this. Meddling in His affairs, won’t change anything, but it will cause a huge amount of worry and anxiety for us. God’s business is the big stuff. Pray, have faith, look for the positive; do whatever will bring you comfort surrounding your concerns, but let go of the outcome. God has your back. Really.

We all stand guilty of sticking our proverbial noses in other people’s business. This prying can vary from intentionally mean, malicious, behavior to benign, well-meaning advice. Just being mindful of how often we gravitate out of our own business is the first step towards a more blissful state of existence.

There is a direct correlation between our happiness and how often we meander into other people’s concerns. Consistently happy folks are too busy creating and enjoying the life they want to be overly involved with other folks’ affairs. Think about it, if we are spending time and energy evaluating everybody else’s life, how much attention are we giving to our own life? To think that we actually know (even in the case of loved ones) what is right for others is presumptuous and usually not well received. Our real expertise lies in knowing what is right for us. Becoming an expert on ourselves is a full-time, lifelong job. Focus your energy inward.

The next time you are feeling agitated, or overly concerned about a situation, ask yourself whose business you are in. See if you can re-focus on the aspects that you can directly control. This concept is only one of the things that happy people practice on a regular basis, but if you can get start putting this notion in practice for yourself, I promise you a happier, less worrisome life.

Be You. No Apologies.

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